Slings & Ratchet Ties

  • Ratchet Tie Down

    AU $15.44 inc. GST
  • Flat Sling

    AU $7.76 inc. GST
  • Round Sling

    AU $6.67 inc. GST

Slings & Ratchet Ties

When you need to hold your equipment in place or secure your cargo, you need reliable and heavy duty slings and ratchet ties. We stock affordable flat and round slings for your convenience. Made of the highest dense fabric and ideal for all types of heavy lifting, our ties come in 1 metre, 2 metres or 3 metres, in bright highly visible colours.

No matter the weight, size, or shape of your load, trust that our slings and ratchet ties will keep your cargo securely tied down and protected from damage. Browse our range and buy online.

Do you need ratchet straps?

If you frequently travel on the road with cargo, you need ratchet straps. They might not sound like a big deal, but ratchet tie down straps play an important role in securing your load while being transported. Don’t underestimate the importance of safety.

Whether you’re looking to replace your frayed ratchet tie down straps or investing in your first set, we have what you need at Adaptalift Store.

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Need a hand? Our customer service team can help. Just tell us the weight and size of the cargo you’re carrying and we’ll recommend the right flat sling or round sling for your purpose. Get in contact with our team today.

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