Forklift Warning Stickers – 3 Meter Stay Safe

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Pedestrian accidents are one of the most common accidents in the workplace, clear separation between pedestrians and equipment should be provided at all times.

For areas where clear physical separation cannot be created, warn and prevent pedestrian accidents by attaching multiples of these large safety stickers to all forklifts and mobile plant equipment.

Stickers ensure employees are aware of and adhere to 3m safety buffer zones surrounding all forklift and mobile equipment.

Printed on heavy duty UV stabilised stock, stickers stand out in all environments and are also suitable for outdoor applications.

For each individual forklift or piece of mobile equipment one full pack of sticker should be applied, with each pack containing:

  • 2 x big sticker, dimensions 50cm x 15cm
  • 2 x small stickers, dimensions 50 x 3.5cm
Discounted bundle applies for the below:
Bundle: x 5 StaySafe Sticker Packs Buy 5 SAVE $8 $72

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