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Visit our local Brisbane branch and chat to our experienced and professional team about our range of hand pallet jacks today.

We’ve partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry to offer you only the best range of pallet jacks in Australia.

Benefits of hand pallet jacks for your warehouse

The humble pallet jack – a must have for your warehouse. By allowing a pallet jack to bear the brunt of the load when moving pallets around your warehouse, you’re sure to see an increase in both productivity and safety. They’re easy to maneuver and with a typical load capacity of up to 2500kg you can be confident they’ll get the job done quickly.

Why use a hand pallet jack

  • By removing the need for manual lifting of heavy items you also remove the risk of injury to your warehouse staff
  • They’re a low cost investment as they require minimal maintenance and there’s no need to charge them like an electric pallet jack
  • All members of your warehouse staff can use a pallet jack as they don’t require a license to operate

Buy pallet jacks in Brisbane

Adaptalift Store is an Australian owned and operated company and we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. We have an extensive range of pallet jacks for sale in Brisbane and with competitive pricing and handy bundle options – we’re sure you’ll find the right one.

Look no further than the team at Adaptalift Store for heavy duty and easy to use hand pallet jacks. With over four decades of experience with lifting equipment you’re sure to find what you’re after from our extensive range. Our hand pallet jacks will improve the efficiency and safety of your warehouse and with fast delivery and multiple locations, you’re sure to have the confidence they’ll go the distance.

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Phone: 07 3373 5111

Looking to organise a hand pallet jack for your warehouses in another state? Check out our locations in Victoria, WA, NSW and SA.


Is there a warranty on pallet jacks?

Yes – our new hand pallet jacks come with a 12 month warranty. Have a chat with the friendly team at our Brisbane branches about the right hand pallet jack for you.

Do you ship to all of Queensland?

At Adaptalift Store we offer fast delivery to all major cities across the country. Have a chat to our team about alternative freight options to your regional warehouse. We also have local pick up from any of our centres.

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