Kärcher Pressure Cleaner Cleaning Detergents

To complement the full range of Kärcher cold and hot water high pressure cleaners, Adaptalift Group sell the full range of premium pressure cleaner cleaning detergents in various sizes to ensure the best clean possible for all applications.

In this post we briefly highlight some of the key detergents available, their key benefits and suitable applications.

Active Cleaners

PressurePro Active Cleaner (neutral)

Kärcher’s PressurePro Active Cleaner (neutral) is an all-purpose high pressure liquid concentrate for removing grease, oil, emission contaminants and mineral stains from facades and sensitive surfaces.

A gentle cleaning action provides superior results even when used with cold water.

This product is ideal for cleaning alkali-sensitive surfaces such as aluminum.


  • Transport and machinery
  • Car and engine wash
  • Parts cleaning
  • Façade cleaning
  • Textile surface cleaning

PressurePro Alkaline Active Cleaner

An efficient and gentle high pressure cleaning concentrate for the removal of heavy oil, grease and mineral soiling from vehicles, tarpaulins and engines.

The cleaner effectively dissolves oil, grease and mineral stains at all temperatures making it compatible with all cold and hot water Kärcher pressure cleaner models.


  • Transport and machinery
  • Car and engine wash
  • Parts cleaning
  • Surface degreasing
  • Tarpaulin cleaning
  • Floor and surface cleaning

Oil and Grease Cleaner

PressurePro Oil and Grease Cleaner

Highly concentrated deep cleaning agent for all high pressure cleaners that is highly efficient in removing the most stubborn dirt and stains.

Highly efficient removal of:

  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Tar
  • Soot
  • Smoke resin

Cleaner is suitable for use across all temperature ranges, therefore is compatible with the full range of Kärcher pressure cleaners.


  • Transport and machinery
  • Stable cleaning
  • Barrel cleaning
  • Car and engine washing
  • Parts cleaning
  • Surface degreasing
  • Food tanker cleaning

Foam Cleaner

PressurePro Foam Cleaner

Alkaline foam cleaner specifically formulated for contactless vehicle washing.

Effortlessly removes heavy oil, grease stains, insect residue and road dirt whilst being gentle on delicate vehicle paint work.

Eliminating the use of brushes when cleaning prevents the formation of micro-scratches on paintwork.


  • Personal and commercial vehicle cleaning

Calcification Protection

PressurePro Machine Protector

A must have for owners and operators of hot water pressure cleaners Kärcher’s Machine Protector is a scale inhibitor that provides integral corrosion protection.

The formula provides protection against limescale deposits on heater coils up to 150 degrees and provides integral corrosion protection for components that are in contact with water.


  • Hot water pressure cleaning systems

Solar Cleaner

PressurePro Solar Cleaner

Specialist efficient, gentle and biodegradable cleaning agent specifically for the cleaning of solar, photovoltaic systems and aluminum frames.

Cleaning agent has been formulated to provide residue and streak free cleaning and helps in the prevention of lime scale build-up.

Removes stubborn stains such as:

  • Bird droppings
  • Pollen
  • Rust
  • Dust


  • Solar and photovoltaic system cleaning

For the best results when cleaning with your Kärcher pressure cleaner combine it with the superior cleaning power of one of their leading PressurePro cleaning detergents.

View and purchase the full range of general cleaning detergents or vehicle cleaning range through our store for competitive prices and quick delivery.

Need help selecting the correct detergent for your cleaning application contact one of our Kärcher experts on 13 22 54 or submit an online enquiry.