Product Spotlight: Kärcher Vehicle Cleaning and Care

As a national dealer of Karcher’s industry leading cleaning products, Adaptalift Group offer the complete range of vehicle cleaning and care products.

This week’s post highlights some of the key Kärcher cleaning agents available through Adaptalift Store for keeping cars and other vehicles sparkling clean.


Karcher’s VehiclePro classic prewash is a quick and powerful pre-spraying agent compatible with a wide range of Karcher’s pressure cleaners.

Pre-spray a vehicle speeds up the softening and removal of oils, greases and insect residue, significantly improving the cleaning result.

Pre-wash is effective for use at all temperatures.


  • Car dealerships and garages
  • Automated car and vehicle washes
  • Self-service wash bays

High Pressure Wash

Kärcher’s VehiclePro high pressure wash is a highly concentrated broad dirt dissolving wash that is able to remove the most stubborn dirt from cars and vehicles, including:

  • Dust
  • Oil
  • Lubricating grease
  • Insect residue
  • Tree resin
  • Mud

The wash can be applied at any temperature so is fully compatible with both Karcher’s cold and warm water pressure cleaners.


  • Cleaning of agriculture, haulage company, building industry vehicles
  • Automated car and vehicle washes
  • Self-service wash bays

Brush Shampoo

Karcher’s VehiclePro brush shampoo is a highly active, wax compatible shampoo for use with brushes in automatic washing bays.

Specialist active ingredients in the shampoo supports brush sliding ability whilst protecting the vehicle paint and surface.

The shampoo effortlessly removes grease, oil, emissions and insect stains, whilst being wax compatible preventing streaks from forming on vehicles coated surfaces.


  • Car dealerships and garages
  • Commercial vehicle cleaning (e.g. haulage and transport company’s)
  • Commercial car washes automated and self-service

Active Foam Cleaner

Active foam cleaner from Karcher’s VehiclePro range is a high powered, intensive active foam vehicle cleaner.

It has been specially formulated to safely clean and protect all vehicle surfaces and brushes.

The cleaner easily dissolves oil, removes grease and mineral stains, whilst being wax compatible to reduce streaks forming on cleaned surfaces.


  • Car dealership and garage car cleaning
  • Commercial and construction vehicle cleaning
  • Automated and self-service car washes

Foam Polish

A clearly visible and long lasting foam polish that protects vehicle paint and surfaces against:

  • Traffic grime
  • Insects
  • Acid rain
  • Environmental influences

The polish increases shine with protection lasting up to six washes.


  • Car dealerships and garages presentation of vehicles
  • Commercial automated vehicle washes
  • Self-service wash bays


We offer a variety of waxes from Karcher’s VehiclePro range including:

  • Super Pearl Wax Classic
  • Spray Classic Wax
  • Hot Wax Classic

Super Pearl Wax Classic

Liquid pearl wax quickly breaks down water films and improves drying characteristics especially when hard water is used.

Wax offers enhanced drying, protection and care of vehicle surfaces all in one.

Increases paints degrees of gloss.

Spray Classic Wax

Liquid spray wax that provides a vehicle with a brilliant shine, whilst providing long-term protection.

Compatible with all water qualities it provides a spotless finish without the need for blow drying.

Produces a high-gloss mirror finish, with protection lasting up to one month.


  • Self-service wash bays for cars, commercial vehicles and bikes
  • Car dealerships and garages

Hot Wax Classic

Liquid thermo wax that produces a weather resistant preservative layer protecting vehicles from corrosions.

Formulating with natural Carnauba wax the wax produces a high-gloss mirror finish, with protection lasting up to one month.


  • Car cleaning
  • Commercial vehicle cleaning
  • Automated and self-service wash bays

Truck Cleaner

A pre-spray commercial vehicle cleaning agent that supports the removal of even the most stubborn contaminants including:

  • Lubricants
  • Soot
  • Tar
  • Oil
  • Insect
  • Grey film

The cleaner allows contaminants to swell and dissolve rapidly, it is ideal for cleaning commercial truck covers.


  • Commercial truck washing
  • Commercial vehicle washing (e.g. transport, agriculture and construction)
  • Commercial vehicle washes

Rim Cleaner

Specialist rim cleaner for all coated light metal and steel rims (excludes uncoated, high gloss special rims).

A gentle cleaner that effectively removes the most stubborn rim contaminations, including:

  • Road dust
  • Brake dust
  • Tyre wear


  • Car dealerships
  • Commercial vehicle dealers
  • Wash bays

Keep your car or vehicles sparkling clean with top quality vehicle cleaners from globally recognised brand Kärcher.

Adaptalift Group offer the full VehiclePro range of cleaners, polishes and waxes in a variety of sizes so you never run out.

Select and purchase from the full available range via our online store or contact our team on 13 22 54 for help in selecting the best cleaning products for your application.