Why Wearing Safety Glasses is Important

Eyes are extremely delicate and can easily be damaged from minor injuries.

To avoid serious injury or permanent vision loss it is essential to wear proper eye protection most commonly in the form of safety glasses when undertaking high risk work.

This post briefly describes some common reasons why it is essential to wear safety glasses.

Eye Safety and High Risk Work

There are a number of examples of high risk work where it is essential to wear proper eye protection such as safety glasses.

High risk work examples may include:

  • Working with chemicals
  • Working in dusty environments
  • Working in areas with bright lights or UV lights
  • Working with compressed air
  • Working with power tools

Types of Eye Injuries

There are a number of different injuries that can affect eyes including:

  • Scratches or cuts to the eye surface
  • Punctures
  • Foreign objects embedded in or on the eye
  • Chemical burns
  • Welding burn from bright UV light

3 Reasons to Wear Safety Glasses

Protection against Foreign Objects and Debris

When operating power tools or machines it is essential to wear safety glasses to prevent any foreign debris that may come loose due to chipping, chiseling, cutting, drilling, grinding, hammering or sanding.

Wearing safety glasses provide a physical defense against foreign objects and debris from being able to penetrate and embed in the eye.

Protection against Chemicals and Pesticides

Chemicals and pesticides can be extremely dangerous to eyes, they can cause inflammation which may lead to temporary or permanent blurred vision.

When working with chemicals and pesticides particles may become suspended in the air if proper ventilation isn’t provided.

Wearing safety glasses protects eyes from coming in contact with any dangerous particles.

Protection against Extremely Bright and Unsafe Lights

Wearing properly prescribed safety glasses can save eyes from the potentially harmful effects of high intensity lights.

Bright and unsafe lights come in many different forms including welding torches and lasers.

Properly prescribed safety glasses offer UV protection reducing the intensity of bright lights reducing the risk to eyes.

Purchasing Safety Glasses

Through our online store Adaptalift Group offer a variety of high quality Australian standard compliant safety glasses for sale.

Pairs of glasses offer varying levels of UV and impact protections catering for a wide variety of uses.

In addition to glasses that fit a wide variety of face profiles we also offer pairs of over glasses that provide protection to wearer of normal glasses when worn over the top.

For more information on safety glasses options or assistance in finding the right set of glasses for your application contact our team on 13 22 54 or fill out a send us a request via our contact form.

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