Ways to Increase Safety Using Reflective Tape

We sell a wide range of high quality Class 1 reflective tapes in a variety of colour ways available for sale through the Adaptalift Store.

Reflective tape is a versatile product that can be utilised in a number of ways to improve safety in businesses, in this post we look at the difference between class 1 and 2 reflective tapes and then briefly discuss some of the ways tape can be used to improve safety.

Difference between Class 1 and Class 2 Reflective Tapes

Class 2 reflective tapes ideal for any non-critical applications that require high visibility and retro-reflectivity such as off-road signage.

They can also be printed upon to create decals, fleet and general signage.

Class 1 reflective tapes are high grade reflective and visible tapes that adhere to Australian standards AS/NZS 1906.1:1993, they provide high visibility in low light and night environments.

Tapes are highly durable and weatherproof making them ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Applications can include on signage, vehicles, barriers, bollards, heavy plant equipment and machinery and general safety.

Ways to Increase Safety Using Reflective Tape

Vehicles and Trailers

A common use of reflective tape is installing it on the sides and backs of vehicles, rolling stock or trailers, the tape adds extra visibility in addition to existing reflectors.

Extra visibility is a real benefit if the vehicle or trailer is parked partially obscured, in a high traffic area or in low light conditions particularly at night.

Highlighting Objects/Obstruction on the Edge of Driveways and Paths

Reflective tape can be installed to highlight objects or obstructions including curves, slopes and edges on complex driveways and paths to increase their visibility particularly at night.

This will assist employees and drivers to navigate along the path or driveway safely missing any dangerous objects or obstructions.

Bollards and Posts

Installing reflective tape on bollards and posts especially when they are being used in low light areas increases their visibility.

Increasing visibility of bollards, safety rails, support posts and pillars in low light areas such as under-ground car parks can increase safety pedestrians and drivers of cars are more likely to see them and less likely to either walk or dive into them causing damage and injury.

Ledges and Steps

Reflective tape is great for highlighting sudden drops and rises on the ground.

Narrow strips on the edge of a step can significantly raise awareness and prevent people from tripping and reduce the risk of potential falls.

When applying reflective tape to ledges and steps it is important the tape is applied smoothly without any bumps or raised edges.

You will need to choose tape with strong adhesion as it will see some abrasion from people walking on it.

Low Hanging Objects

Installing reflective tape on low hanging objects and low doorways including entryways to garage or warehouse doors can help avoid head injuries or accidents when they are only partially opened such as during a storm to prevent rain coming in.

Warehouse Floors

Reflective tape is a highly visible and effective way of marking out specific safety areas or hazards in factories and warehouse such as clearance zones around high voltage equipment, underneath drop hazards or showing emergency exit pathways.

Our range of reflective tapes comes in a number of colours including: red/yellow, red/white, yellow, fluoro yellow and blue.

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  • 48mm x 45.7m
  • 75mm x 45.7m
  • 100mm x 45.7m

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