Stretch Wrap Understanding the Basics

Following on from our last post providing tips on how to properly stretch wrap palletised goods for safe transport and storage, this week’s post provides an overview of the different types of stretch film and its advantages so you can make an informed decision on what type is best for your application and needs.

What is it Stretch Wrap?

Stretch wrap or stretch film is an elastic plastic wrap commonly sold in long rolls that is commonly wrapped around palletised goods and loads for shipping and transport.

The ability for the film to be stretched taut around the load holds it tightly together on the pallet.

Stretch wrap is commonly used when breaking palletised goods down into units of various sizes or for packing large bundles of small objects.

Types of stretch wrap

There are three common types of stretch wrap:

  1. Hand stretch wrap
  2. Machine stretch wrap
  3. Specialty stretch wrap

As the names suggest the type of stretch wrap required is based on the application method.

Hand stretch wrap is specifically designed to be stretched and wrap manually by hand using a hand wrapping device.

Whilst machine stretch wrap is specifically designed to wrap via an automatic pallet wrapping machine such as the intelligent Liftsmart LS Wrap.

In addition to hand and machine wrap, there are a variety of specialist stretch wrap films available including:

  • UVI film
  • Heavy gauge film
  • Vented pallet film
  • Anti-static film
  • Pre-stretched film

What is it made of?

Plastic stretch film is most commonly manufactured from polyethylene plastics.

What is it used for?

Plastic stretch film is commonly used to hold loads and products tightly together on pallets during transportation and storage.

Wrapping palletised loads with stretch film has a number of benefits including:

  • Reduced product damage or loss
  • Discourages tampering with the load
  • Increase worker safety by reducing the likelihood of goods falling off the pallet

Advantages of Stretch Wrap

Increased protection

Using stretch wrap keeps goods clean, dry and protected from dust, dirt and moisture. Specialist UVI film also provides protection to goods stored outdoors from sun damage.

Better load stability

Wrapping palletised loads tightly with stretch wrap increases overall stability. Goods are less likely to shift or fall and become damaged during transport.

Improved inventory control

Pallet wrapping similar products together is a quick and efficient way to unitise goods for accurate inventory control. Clear stretch film also allows easy visibility of any barcodes that need to be read by scanning systems.

Increased security

For sensitive or high value goods stretch wrapping can increase security as it is easier to detect any tampering with the goods, whilst opaque or coloured film can conceal the identity of goods from public view.

Environmentally friendly

For businesses looking for an environmentally friendly packaging solution then stretch wrap is a great option as the majority of stretch wrap is 100% recyclable.

Adaptalift Group have both hand and machine stretch wrap rolls available for purchase.

For businesses looking for a safe and efficient way to stretch wrap loads we offer the intelligent Liftsmart LS Wrap pallet wrapping machine featuring a high quality Sieman’s control system and operating panel able to automatically wrap loads up to 2,000kg in weight and 2,400mm high.

For more information or to obtain a quote on a new LS Wrap contact one of our equipment experts on 13 22 54 or submit an online enquiry.