How to Stretch Wrap a Pallet, Simple Tips to Follow

Stretch wrapping is one of the most common techniques used throughout the freight and logistic industries to safely secure multiple boxes or products to pallets for transport.

In this post we outline six simple tips to follow when stretch wrapping a palletised load.

When followed these tips will reduce the likelihood of the wrap failing and loads being damaged during the transport process.

Choose the Right Wrapping Equipment

There are two main types of pallet wrapper either manual or automatic.

Manual hand wrappers are handheld with the operator walking around the pallet to wrap the load, they’re recommended for wrapping the occasional pallet.

Automatic pallet wrap machines where the fully loaded pallet is placed on the unit’s turntable and then intelligently wrapped by the machine are recommended for operations that are regularly wrapping high volumes of pallets on a daily basis.

Intelligent pallet wrapping machines like the Liftsmart LS Wrap are able increase efficiency by wrapping multiple pallets an hour whilst also reducing film costs by up to 30% through pre-stretching the film by up to 200% using less film to wrap each pallet.

Use the Correct Sized Pallet

It is important to choose the correct sized pallet that is structurally sound and can accommodate the full load.

It is important that the pallet isn’t much larger than the load being placed on top of it, otherwise there is a risk that the plastic stretch wrap may tear when stretched over the pallets corners.

If the pallet is smaller than the size of the load it may become unstable during transport and risks the product falling apart or off the pallet which may lead to product damage or loss.

Tightly Pack the Load

When loading a pallet for wrapping it important to tightly pack the load together on the pallet to reduce the likelihood of unnecessary movement during transport.

Tightly packing pallets also provides the most economical load as the largest amount of product can be loaded on each pallet, companies are able to save on shipping costs as they’re utilising less pallets to transport each load of product.

Ensure Easy Access

Loading of a pallet for stretch wrapping especially when using a manual wrapping device it is important to do it in a large area free of obstructions.

It is important to leave enough space surrounding the whole pallet so the person wrapping can walk around the whole pallet unimpeded to be able pull the wrap taut to secure the load.

For extra ergonomics you may be possible to raise the pallet of the ground when wrapping so the wrapper doesn’t have to bend down as far when beginning to wrap from the bottom of the pallet.

Ensure Structural Integrity

Once a load has been fully wrapped it is important the wrap is checked for structural integrity ensuring that it has a strong hold and is sturdy.

If the load has moved during the wrapping process it may need to be repacked and rewrapped for safety.

If there are any gaps in the stretch wrapped a final layer wrapped from top to bottom may be required.

Once wrapping is complete tear the end of the stretch wrap from the roll and fold the end under one of the pallet edges.

Properly Attach Stretch Wrap

Before starting to wrap it is important to securely attach the stretch wrap to the pallet.

It is recommended to scrunch some of the stretch wrap into a rope shape and wrap it around a corner of the pallet pulling tight so the plastic sticks together when beginning to wrap.

It is best to stay away from knotting the wrap to the pallet as they may come undone or tear during transport.

Wrap from the Base Up

Start wrapping from the base of the pallet; wrapping tightly and repeating a couple of times to ensure that it has a strong hold. 

Slowly work up from the base ensuring each layer of wrap slightly overlaps the last to ensure there are no gaps that could allow products to fall out or elements such as rain or dust enter the load.

If you’re looking to restock your stretch film inventory then check out our range of stretch film rolls, we have competitively priced rolls of durable stretch wrap available for use in both hand wrappers and automatic machine wrappers.

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