Valvoline Ultramax Hydraulic Oil 68

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Premium mineral based hydraulic oil containing rust and corrosion inhibitors plus anti-wear additives to ensure protection of equipment and pumps operating under severe service and high pressure conditions.

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Zinc based, non-detergent oil with excellent oxidation and demulsibility characteristic designed for a wide range of mobile and stationary equipment operating under wide range of conditions.

Features and Benefits

Superior Protection

  • Ultramax fights the three major causes of hydraulic system failure – deposits, rust and wear.

Wear protection

  • The advanced Zinc Anti-wear ensures excellent wear protection and enhances component life

Viscosity Control

  • Delivers enhanced durability

Superior Water Separation

  • Very good demulsibility performance for longer fluid life and rust prevention


They are available in ISO Grades from 15 to 460 and are recommended for use in industrial and mobile applications, operating under mild or severe conditions.

It is an excellent product for general industrial equipment, including machine tools, rotary air compressors, torque converters and enclosed gear boxes where extreme pressure additives are not required.

Not recommended for use in ammonia compressors, as heat transfer oil, equipment/pumps with silver bearings.

Please consult the owners’ manual before use.

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5L, 20L

Valvoline Ultramax Hydraulic Oil 68
AU $24.71 inc. GST