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  • Non Adhesive Barricade Tape – ‘Danger’ Red/White

    AU $8.82 inc. GST
  • Clear Ziplock Bags (Box of 1,000 bags)

    AU $8.49 inc. GST
  • 48V Replacement Charger

    AU $98.62 inc. GST
  • Parts Trays – RP60179 (24 Trays per CTN)

    AU $171.34 inc. GST
  • Supaflex Glove with 3/4 Micro Palm Foam Coating

    AU $5.17 inc. GST
  • Nissan K Series Engine Forklift Oil Filter

    AU $6.64 inc. GST
  • Commissioning In Progress Tag (Pack of 100 Tags)

    AU $33.00 inc. GST
  • Sqwincher QWIK STIKS Mixed Flavours (50 Pack)

    AU $64.00 inc. GST
  • Reflective Tape Red/Yellow – Class 1

    AU $307.35 inc. GST
  • Forklift Seat – hip restraint with mantle (RP61103)

    AU $583.00 inc. GST
  • Ultralight ANSI A4/EN ISO D-Rated Cut-Resistant Gloves with Touchscreen Compatibility

    AU $15.40 inc. GST
  • Valvoline Ultramax Hydraulic Oil 46

    AU $31.08 inc. GST
  • Forklift Spark Plug - DENSO K16R-U

    Forklift Spark Plug – DENSO K16R-U

    AU $3.85 inc. GST
  • 175 Amp Forklift Connector – Grey

    AU $15.70 inc. GST
  • Forklift Strobe Light Bracket (Powder Coat Finish)

    AU $14.32 inc. GST
  • SWORDFISH Safety Glasses with Anti-Fog – Clear Lens

    AU $6.33 inc. GST
  • Stretch Film Machine Roll

    AU $82.50 inc. GST
  • Non Adhesive Barricade Tape – ‘Wet Paint’ Yellow/Black

    AU $8.82 inc. GST
  • Flat Sling

    AU $7.46 inc. GST
  • Stylus Pistol Grip Dispenser

    AU $16.50 inc. GST
  • Non Adhesive Barricade Tape – Red/White

    AU $4.41 inc. GST
  • Round Sling

    AU $6.41 inc. GST
  • 25 x Shipping Boxes 205x125x125mm (Flat Carton Bundles)

    AU $18.70 inc. GST
  • G-Force Hi-Vis Mechanics Gloves – Full Finger

    AU $25.85 inc. GST
  • Kansas Safety Glasses

    AU $6.41 inc. GST
  • Valvoline Farm Plus Hydratrans

    AU $40.54 inc. GST
  • Forklift Strobe Lens Guard

    AU $10.01 inc. GST
  • 50Amp Forklift Connector – Grey

    AU $4.84 inc. GST
  • Karcher RM111 System Maintenance Advanced

    AU $43.07 inc. GST
  • Forklift Air Filter (Nissan K21 Engine)

    AU $18.48 inc. GST
  • Valvoline Valplex GREASE CARTRIDGE 450GM

    AU $13.20 inc. GST
  • Bundling Film

    AU $7.50 inc. GST

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Are you running a warehouse and require premium materials handling equipment to get the heavy lifting done easily and safely? Adaptalift Store has a selected range of quality hand pallet trucks and jacks, and equipment for busy workplaces.

Hand pallet jacks and more

We can provide your business with the right equipment to keep your warehouse running efficiently. We can supply you with storage, new forklift seats and warehouse packaging. If you own a cleaning business or need to update your industrial cleaning equipment, we have a range of suitable products.

Staying safe around equipment and machinery is essential. Browse our range of safety products and PPE. Browse our hi-vis vests, goggles and gloves. We also stock log books, safety tags and warning stickers.

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From warehouse trollies & pallet jacks, PPE & safety equipment, to 60,000kg container handling equipment.

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