Benefits of Kärcher SweepEx Forklift Broom Attachments

Karcher SweepEx broom attachments are the ideal cleaning solution for large areas of mess and debris that are too big for a traditional vacuum sweeper.

They greatly increase the versatility of forklifts, telehandlers front-end and skid steer loaders making them multi-purpose units.

SweepEx forklift brooms are the ideal cleaning solution for:

  • Warehouses
  • Industrial recycling plants
  • Farming and agriculture
  • Expo and event clean-up

SweepEx Broom Features:

  • Sweeps wet and dry materials
  • Manufactured from robust and durable materials
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Low cost of ownership and maintenance
  • Replaceable bristles

In this post we briefly discuss some of the advantages of the SweepEx broom attachments.

Cost Effective Cleaning Solution

Purchasing a SweepEx broom attachments can provide large cost savings to businesses when compared to more high tech expensive cleaning solutions such as ride-on sweepers or scrubbers.

Brooms provide a cost effective solution for small or low income businesses.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

With bristles made from high grade polypropylene when connected to the correct vehicle SweepEx broom attachments can be used to clean both indoor and outdoor areas.

Cost Savings

By purchasing a SweepEx broom attachments businesses can save significant costs as it increases the versatility of an existing forklift, telehandler or other piece of machinery.

Increasing the versatility of the existing machinery means the businesses doesn’t need to invest significant capital funds in the purchase of an industrial sweeper or scrubber unit that would potentially only be utilised a few times a year and remain unused and depreciate in value for the majority of time.

Multiple Connection Methods

The Valu-Sweep forklift broom is able to be attached to forklifts via Quick-Tite screw downs, whilst the larger PRO and MEGA broom models aren’t limited to just being connected to forklifts through tine pocket and chains, they can also be attached to buckets via a hitch and chains (optional on PRO model, included in MEGA model) ensuring the broom can be connected to your machinery no matter its type.

Minimum Maintenance

To further reduce costs over the life of broom ownership, they’re manufactured with minimal moving parts and the bristles are easy and cost effective to replace ensuring a perfect clean every time.

For more information on the SweepEx forklift broom attachments or to book a product demonstration contact our Karcher product specialists on 13 22 54.