Protect Your Hands with the Right Type of Safety Gloves

In most jobs we use our hands on a regular basis, therefore it is very important we protect them by wearing a correct pair of safety gloves.

If a severe hand injury were to occur it may lead to long lasting negative impacts on an employee including (but not limited to):

  • Loss of or limited range of motion
  • Loss of dexterity
  • Loss of grip

Many injuries to fingers and hands can be prevented through the wearing of correct safety gloves.

In this post we review five important reasons why it is imperative safety glasses are worn whilst also briefly looking at the types of safety gloves available for purchase through the Adaptalift Groups online store.

5 Reasons to Wear Safety Gloves

1. Chemical and Bio-hazards

Whenever a job involves the handling of chemicals there is an increased risk of chemical burns and other injuries, whilst handling it only takes one false move when handling bio-hazard material to start a chain reaction of infection.

Wearing the correct safety gloves protects your hands and delicate skin from coming into contact with dangerous chemicals and material greatly reducing the risk of injury or contamination.

2. Cuts, Punctures and Abrasions

Cuts and abrasions are common workplace injuries across many industries.

To increase employee safety it is essential they wear reliable hand protection when completing tasks.

There are a wide range of safety gloves that provide varying levels of protection from cuts, punctures and abrasions.

Thin disposable gloves provide protection in low risk applications, whilst heavy duty cut resistant gloves provide superior protection for high risk applications.

3. Impact Injuries

Using a hammer, moving heavy objects or working on a mechanical vehicle are all examples of jobs where the likelihood of an impact injury to the hands occurring.

Any job where there is an increased risk of hands being crushed or hit by tools, objects or supplies requires employees to wear high quality impact resistant gloves.

Impact resistant gloves protect the hand and fingers by softening the blow and absorbing and dissipating the impact away from hands.

4. Heat and Arc Hazards

Industries that require employees to work with heat or arc such as welding can pose serious risks to hands.

Specially designed safety gloves are designed to create a protective barrier that prevents the hazard penetrating the hand in order to prevent burns.

5. Weather and Temperature Protection

Cold temperatures can cause temporary or permanent damage to skin and muscle tissue meaning it is imperative when working in cold environments such as cold storage it is imperative to wear a pair of safety gloves that provide enough insulation and hold in the warmth around your hands.

Wet and cold conditions working outside are another environment where the correct pair of safety glasses is imperative to maintain warmth and also to wick away moisture from your hands.

Safety gloves can also provide additional layers of grip when working in the elements.

Safety Gloves Available through AAL Store

Disposable Nitrile Safety Gloves

Made from 100% nitrile with 5mm thickness and textured fingers for added grip our disposable safety gloves are ideal for use when handling low risk chemicals and bio-hazards.

Not only do they provide physical protection from any materials there disposable nature means they can be easily disposed of once finished with in the correct hazardous waste receptacle greatly reducing the risk of cross contamination.


  • Automotive
  • Hydraulic repairs and maintenance
  • Diesel mechanics
  • oil and lubricant handling
  • Tattooing industry
  • Hospitality and food industry
  • Domestic and commercial cleaning
  • Food process work
  • Steel and metal machining
  • Hairdressing

General Purpose Rigger Safety Gloves

Manufactured from high grade leather these general purpose rigger gloves are double stitched for additional strength.

They’re durable design makes them ideal as a utility glove across a wide variety of industries including:

  • General purpose utility work glove
  • Truck and Transport Industry
  • Farm and Agricultural applications
  • Mining and Construction Industries
  • Building Industry
  • Civil Construction
  • Rigging Industry
  • Timber and Forestry

Superior Grip Wet/Dry Safety Gloves

Our wet/dry safety gloves repel moisture and water for a firm grip even in wet conditions.

Their foam PVC HPT coat provides a spongy, durable and flexible grip.

All gloves are sanitised with Actifresh® to kill bacteria and promote freshness.

Hi Visibility Cut Resistant Safety Gloves

Manufactured using hi-vis yellow 13 gauge Kenima® super cut resistant yarn our cut resistant safety gloves are certified to CE/EN388 2016 Cut Resistant Level 5.

They also offer heat resistance up to 100°C according to EN407.

Black Nitrile coated palm offers superb flexibility, durability and grip in wet conditions, whilst Cool Star® Yarn offers excellent breathability and sweat absorption.


  • Mining, Oil & Gas
  • Construction
  • Maintenance
  • Metal Handling
  • Glass Handling
  • Security, Emergency
  • Manual Handling
  • Food Preparation

With the wide range of hazards depending on the application and work conditions.

If you’re unsure what type or which pair of safety gloves is correct for you, contact one of our glove experts for advice and recommendations.