Hand Pallet Jacks Advantages and Types

Hand pallet jacks or trucks are a mainstay of warehouse goods movement, allowing workers too quickly and safely pick-up and move palletised goods around warehouses.

This blog briefly highlights some of the key benefits of utilising hand pallet jacks, whilst also showcasing the range of jacks available from Adaptalift Group’s online store.

Hand Pallet Jack Advantages

Increase Efficiency

With maximum load handling capabilities up to 2,000kg hand pallet jacks allow workers to quickly and easily maneuver heavy loads of palletised goods around warehouses or similar work areas.

The pallet can be moved intact and doesn’t need to be broken down into smaller segments so workers can manually carry the goods.

Hand pallet jacks are easily maneuvered and can be operated by all workers without the need for a forklift license.

Narrow Spaces

For warehouses or areas that aren’t large enough to accommodate larger materials handling equipment or forklifts, pallet jacks are the ideal handling solution.

Their small turning circle allows heavy loads to be safely maneuvered in narrow aisle without the need for expensive larger materials handling units.

Worker Safety

Utilising hand pallet jacks greatly increases worker safety due to the reduction in heavy manual lifting they undertake.

The jack’s hydraulic system safely lifts and maintains the stability of the jack whilst loads are being moved reducing instances of goods falling off and striking employees.

Easy Maintenance

Due to the simple and robust design hand pallet jacks require minimal maintenance to ensure the unit has a long service life.

Specialist Models and Accessories

There are a wide variety of hand pallet jack’s available in the market today.

In addition to standard models, specialised hand pallet jack models are available that integrate features such as weight scales that provide accurate load weights or high lift pallet jacks that can be raised higher than normal to allow for easy loading into the backs of vans.

For operations that want to increase safety even further by removing the need for workers to push and pull loaded pallet jacks both semi-electric and full electric pallet jacks are available.

Semi-electric pallet jacks include full electric drive motors that assist in the maneuvering of loads, whilst full electric jacks offer electric hydraulics and drive motors meaning the raising and lowering of goods as well as the movement of the pallet jack is all electronic.

Different Types of Hand Pallet Jacks

In this section of the blog we showcase some of the different types of hand pallet jacks available for purchase through Adaptalift Group’s online store.

Liftsmart Hand Pallet Jack

The simple, economic and reliable standard hand pallet jack from Liftsmart provides a 2,500kg lift capacity and is available in two different wheel types nylon or poly that cater for operation across different surfaces.

  • Nylon wheel hand pallet jacks are durable and best suited to common warehouse applications, where loads are being transported across standard concrete or hard floors on a daily basis
  • Poly wheel hand pallet jacks are a lighter material best for operating in areas such as mezzanine floors where surfaces are often constructed of lightweight materials such as particle and/or ply board. They also offer superior operation across tiled and vinyl floors such as those found in show rooms where they offer smooth operation and less chance of leaving marks.

Liftsmart Extended Length Hand Pallet Jack

This double length extended hand pallet jack from Liftsmart doubles productivity with the ability to move two pallets at once.

Great for picking up and moving pallets from double deep racking, the units have a maximum lift capacity of 2,000kg across two pallets.

Jacks are also available in two different wheel types nylon and poly similar to the aforementioned standard pallet jack.

Liftsmart Euro Width (Narrow) Hand Pallet Jack

Catering to warehouses and companies that take deliveries of pallets from Europe that are narrower in size the Euro width pallet jack from Liftsmart offers the same reliable handling capabilities in a narrower package.

Whilst most standard pallet jacks have a width of 685mm to safely lift standard Australian Chep pallets this narrow euro-width pallet jack has a width of only 540mm allowing it to safely enter and lift smaller European pallets.

With a maximum lift capacity of 2,500kg and being available in both nylon or poly wheel models this pallet jack is the ideal solution for lifting European width pallets safely and efficiently.

Liftsmart Weight Scale Hand Pallet Jack

For operations where accurate load weights are imperative this hand pallet jack with integrated weight scale provides accurate load weights for all loads being lifted or transported.

The unit has a maximum lift capacity of 2,500kg and can provide visual or print-out weight readings with 0.5kg accuracy.

The unit also allows for the addition of multiple load weights together providing a total end weight for instance once a container has been fully loaded. 

Liftsmart High Lift Hand Pallet Jack

For loads that need to be lifted up to an extended height for instance to load goods into the back of a van or truck this high lift hand pallet jack is the ideal solution.

The units has a 1,000kg maximum load capacity and is safely able to lift the load to a height of up to 800mm high, compared to standard pallet jack that have a lift height only up to 200mm.

Liftsmart S-PT18 Semi-Electric Hand Pallet Jack

The S-PT18 semi-electric hand pallet jack from Liftsmart features full electric drive along with manual hydraulic pump.

The lightweight economical unit increases productivity, efficiency and operating life compared to standard pallet jacks.

The jack has a maximum lift capacity of 1,800kg and its fully battery electric drive train allows the jack to move at up to 3.5km/h fully loaded or 5km/h unloaded.

Goods are able to be transported faster than if a workers was manually pulling or pushing the load.

With an in-built LCD display and battery indicator, a maintenance free lithium ion battery that is able to be changed over in six seconds and an emergency brake button and protective steel foot guard this semi-electric pallet jack is an efficient upgrade on a manual hand pallet jack. 

Liftsmart PT15-3 Battery Electric Hand Pallet Jack

This fully electric hand pallet jack is a further step up from the aforementioned S-PT18 semi-electric jack.

This unit features fully electric drive train and hydraulics so the raising and lowering of goods as well as movement of the jack and load is all powered by the units battery.

The jack has a 1,500kg maximum lift capacity and integrates all the same display, battery and safety features as the S-PT18 semi-electric jack.

Liftsmart Galvanised Hand Pallet Jack

Galvanisation is a commonly used method to prevent steel from rusting, this galvanised hand pallet jack is ideal for operations where rust particles must be prevented from contaminating goods being transported such as food stuffs, liquids or medicines.

The unit has a maximum lift capacity of 2,500kg and is fully dust and damp proof.

Liftsmart Stainless Steel Hand Pallet Jack

This stainless steel hand pallet jack has been specifically designed to operate in specialist application areas such as:

  • Corrosive chemicals
  • Hygienic clean environments
  • Low temperature environments
  • Long-term wet environments

The unit has a maximum lift capacity of 2,000kg.

This blog has briefly outlined some of the advantages of hand pallet jack, whilst also profiling the wide variety of standard and specialist jacks available through Adaptalift Group.

All pallet jacks featured in this blog can be purchased directly through our online store or by giving your nearest parts department a call on 13 22 54.