Safety Glasses Protection For All Applications

Following on from our previous post that discusses three reasons why it is important to wear safety glasses, this week’s post provides an overview of the different pairs of safety glasses for sale through our online store.

Selecting the correct pair of safety glasses for an application is imperative to protect employee’s delicate eyes from injuries such as scratches, punctures, burns or foreign objects becoming embedded.

Adaptalift Store sells a range of safety glasses to suit a variety of applications.

Australian Safety Glasses Standards

Standard AS/NZS 1337.1 from 2010 is the standard that safety glasses being sold in Australia must comply with for safety, comfort and protection.

It specifies the minimum requirements for all non-prescription eye and face protectors.

The standard details safety glasses requirements for optical qualities and the level of impact resistance from low to very high impact.

Safety glasses must be designed and manufactured to provide protection a person’s eyes and face against a common list of occupational hazards including:

  • Flying particles and fragments
  • Dusts
  • Splashing liquids
  • Molten metals
  • Harmful gases, vapors and aerosols

Safety glasses Impact resistance comes in four levels:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Very High

The impact resistance of safety glasses is tested through the use of an impact test where they are struck by a specific weight ball and must withstand the impact without cracking, detaching or dislodging, breaking or coming into contact with the wearer’s eyes or head.

The full range of safety glasses are certified and comply with AS/NZS 1337.1.

Medium Impact Protection Safety Glasses

Denver safety glasses are certified to provide medium impact protection alongside lens that offer 99.9% UV protection making them suitable for wearing outdoors.

Glasses are fit with high quality anti-scratch lens with an anti-fog coating for wearing in humid conditions.

Molded silicone nose pads for a non-slip fit and rubber injected arms provide additional comfort reducing rubbing on the wearers face.

Light Weight Safety Glasses

Texas sleek light weight safety glasses offer a wraparound lens design that fit a wide variety of face shapes.

The wraparound design provides wearers an increased range of vision.

Lens feature an anti-fog coating and anti-scratch hard coat for clearer vision.

The glasses also offer 99.9% UV protection making them an ideal light weight option for wearing outdoors.

Frame-less Safety Glasses

Kansas model safety glasses feature a light weight frame-less design with curved arms to fit most facial profiles.

The 9 base lens model provides increased coverage and a distortion free 180 degree range of vision.

Anti-fog lens coating make them ideal to wear in humid conditions while the lens are also manufactured with anti-scratch coating.

Glasses are certified and comply with AS/NZS 1337.1 for medium impact protection.

The lightweight design makes them ideal for extended periods of wear, whilst the molded silicone nose piece secures them in place.

Wrap Around Safety Glasses

The wraparound design of the Santa Fe safety glasses offer wearers superior protection and field of vision.

Offering medium impact protection, anti-scratch and anti-fog technology offers exceptional vision clarity, whilst also filtering out 99.9% of UV radiation when worn outdoors.

The glasses are manufactured with lightweight and durable poly-carbonate frames with a molded silicone nose bridge and soft rubber arms ensure proper fit and comfort.

Arm Length Adjustable Safety Glasses

Colorado safety glasses offer a classic lightweight design certified to AS/NZS 1337.1.

Glasses offer greater fit flexibility with adjustable side arms that can be adjusted to better fit the wearers face profile.

Hard coat and anti-fog technology included in the lens provides superior scratch resistance and clear vision when working in humid conditions.

Glasses also filter out 99.9% of UV radiation making them ideal for wearing outdoors.

Safety over Glasses Prescription Glasses Protection

For prescription glasses wearers who require high levels of protection safety over glasses are the ideal solution.

Integrated side shields with vents fully enclose prescription glasses for superior protection.

Similar to all pairs of safety glasses they’re designed with anti-fog coated lens for clear vision in humid weather whilst also filtering out 99.9% of UV radiation.

With our wide variety of safety glass options Adaptalift Store is a one stop shop for all your eye protection needs.

For assistance in finding your next pair of safety glasses contact our team on 13 22 54 or place your order online for fast dispatch and delivery.

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