Liftsmart PT15-2 Electric Pallet Truck (Pickup Only)

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The Liftsmart PT15-2 electric pallet truck has been designed to provide the operator with a comfortable, ergonomic and reliable machine perfectly suited to everyday materials handling.

Features Include:

Slide rail lifting structure
The intuitive ‘slide rail lifting structure’ allows for lower abrasion and improved power efficiency.

Four-link mechanism chassis
When lifting the cylinder, the ‘Four-link mechanism’ chassis design enables better protection against side pressure, allowing a longer lifespan.

Spring handle
Build in torsional spring handle enables faster rebound speed for efficiency

Optional balance wheel
The balance wheel upgrade allows for added durability.

Electromagnetic brake

Regenerative electric magnetic brakes provide regenerative brake energy when brakes are applied providing a smooth stop.

Easy to replace driving wheel


Unit Specifications:

  • Maximum lift capacity: 1,500kg’s
  • Load centre: 600mm
  • Lift height: 85 – 200mm
  • Maximum lift height: 200mm
  • Lowered fork height: 85mm
  • Height of tiller arm in drive position: 1,150mm
  • Fork size: 685 x 1,150mm
  • Max travel speed (laden): 3.5km/h
  • Maximum gradient (laden) 5% gradient

Battery Specifications:

  • 24V battery voltage
  • 65Ah battery capacity/type
  • Battery dimensions 224 x 135 x 178mm

 Local Pickup Only (Please Call 13 22 54 for your nearest branch)

PT15 Series 2

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