FIMAP Broom Cordless Power Sweeper (Pickup Only)

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FIMAP Broom – Cordless Power Sweeper

The new cordless power sweeper by Fimap offers you the same readiness and handiness of a broom,
but you won’t bend down or struggle to pick up the dirt anymore!

Broom is as ergonomic and comfortable to use as a vacuum cleaner, but without messy cords
that encumber your movements, to offer you the maximum freedom in whatever area of the house,
from the kitchen to the garage, as well as on the balcony or entrance pathway.

It is perfect for home environments but also for your own business such as:
coffee bars, bakeries, craftsman laboratories, small supermarkets or shops.

Discover the characteristics that will help you to save:


It reaches everywhere!
The handle is ergonomic with adjustable height to help your movements
with no need to bow, avoiding backache risks.
With its 14 cm of height it reaches under furniture to clean even the most difficult areas.

It can make a 360 degree turn
Thanks to the flexible joint you can reach even areas you would have never thought.


Handier than a broom!
Cleaning has become as easy as to have a walk!
Thanks to the side brushes you can follow the wall and furniture edges, and clean also the corners.

The self-adjusting brushes adapt to any kind of hard floor.
The dirt is collected in a handy hopper of 2 liter capacity, very fast to pull and empty.


Wherever and whenever you want!
It is only 2.8 Kg of weight, so you can take it wherever you need it.
It can be easily stored everywhere, to be always ready to use.


Li-ion Battery
Autonomy up to 40 min.

Maximum power – Long lifetime – Ready to use at any time – No self-discharge – Fast charge – Rechargeble at any time – Cordless: cleaning with no limits

  • Local Pickup Only

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