• Maxisafe Anti-Fog Lens Cleaning Satchets

    AU $25.74 inc. GST
  • Economy Clear Safety Goggles

    AU $6.80 inc. GST
  • Rhinoguard Needle Cut Resistant Level ‘E’ Gloves

    AU $145.29 inc. GST

Stay safe with personal protective equipment

Protecting yourself and your staff from harm is a priority. Adaptalift Store stocks a selection of essential PPE items such as safety glasses, safety vests and gloves. Manual handling, operating scissor lifts and forklifts requires adequate protection using gloves, glasses and hi-vis vests. It’s in everyone's interest to avoid accidents and comply with strict safety standards at all times.

Buy safety glasses online today

We make it super easy for you to purchase and have your PPE delivered directly to you. You can browse our collection of personal protective equipment including hi-vis vests in orange and yellow, various protective gloves, and a range of safety glasses. Our selection of PPE has been designed with comfort, function and wearability for anyone who is using it. Buy in bulk or replace one piece at a time: just make sure you have it on hand when you need it.

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Personal Protective Equipment is an important part of keeping you and your staff as safe as possible when they are on the clock. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.