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  • Karcher RM803 VehiclePro Prewash

    AU $193.83 inc. GST
  • Karcher RM801 VehiclePro Rim Cleaner

    AU $460.80 inc. GST
  • Karcher RM769 CarpetPro Universal Stain Remover

    AU $39.47 inc. GST
  • Karcher RM768 CarpetPro Cleaner iCapsol

    AU $236.80 inc. GST
  • Karcher RM767 CarpetPro Cleaner Quick Drying

    AU $197.32 inc. GST
  • Karcher RM752 FloorPro Intensive Deep Cleaner Extra

    AU $92.85 inc. GST
  • Karcher RM751 FloorPro Deep Cleaner – Acidic

    AU $46.43 inc. GST
  • Karcher RM838 PressurePro Foam Cleaner

    AU $290.18 inc. GST
  • Karcher CP950 Top Care

    AU $228.67 inc. GST
  • Karcher CP945 Thermowax

    AU $242.59 inc. GST
  • Karcher CP940 Active Foam

    AU $218.22 inc. GST
  • Karcher CP935 High Pressure Wash

    AU $228.67 inc. GST

Choose Adaptalift for your materials handling equipment

Are you running a warehouse and require premium materials handling equipment to get all the heavy lifting done easily and safely? Well, you’ve come to the right place because at Adaptalift we have an extensive range of hand pallet trucks and jacks.

Hand pallet jacks and more

We can provide your business with the equipment you need to have your warehouse running smoothly and efficiently. We can supply you with storage, new forklift seats and warehouse packaging. If you own a cleaning business or need to update your industrial cleaning equipment, then Adaptalift has the selection for you. With more high pressure hoses than you can imagine, you’ll have all your surfaces sparkling clean in no time.

When it comes to moving, packing and shifting products around a warehouse, you’ll need the reliable assistance of our heavy duty industrial equipment like forklifts and scissor lifts. Staying safe while using this equipment is absolutely essential, so on site PPE will do the job - browse our range of hi-vis vests, goggles and gloves. Last but not least, our range of log books, safety tags and warning stickers will help you to keep on top of unit maintenance and safety.

Shop online with Adaptalift today

For all your hand pallet trucks, material handling equipment and warehouse storage, you need Adaptalift on your side. If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly team today.

Shop with confidence at one of Australia's largest materials handling suppliers.

We employ over 500 staff, with 11 branches across Australia.

From warehouse trollies & pallet jacks, PPE & safety equipment, to 60,000kg container handling equipment.

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