Benefits of Kärcher SweepEx Forklift Broom Attachments

Karcher SweepEx broom attachments are the ideal cleaning solution for large areas of mess and debris that are too big for a traditional vacuum sweeper. They greatly increase the versatility of forklifts, telehandlers front-end and skid steer loaders making them multi-purpose units. SweepEx forklift brooms are the ideal cleaning solution for: Warehouses Industrial recycling plants … Read more

Forklift 3 Meter Exclusion Zones

A high proportion of workplace injuries occur in areas where forklifts and other machinery encounter pedestrian traffic. Encounters between workers and machinery can lead to a number of negative scenarios including: Injury Fatality Equipment damage Lost or damaged product Due to the high risks posed to workers by forklifts and machinery it is important for … Read more

Ways to Increase Safety Using Reflective Tape

We sell a wide range of high quality Class 1 reflective tapes in a variety of colour ways available for sale through the Adaptalift Store. Reflective tape is a versatile product that can be utilised in a number of ways to improve safety in businesses, in this post we look at the difference between class … Read more

Best Practice for using Barricade Tape

Barricade tape is commonly used as a visual and physical obstruction intended to warn and limit access to a particular area. Some of the most common types of barricade type are: Yellow – Indicating caution should be exercised Red – Indicating danger Yellow Caution/Warning Tape Areas cordoned off by yellow caution/warning tape are areas of … Read more

Choosing the Best Type of Packaging Tape

There are three primary types of adhesives used in the manufacturing of packaging tapes, each have their own advantages that are briefly discussed in this week’s post. Types of packaging tape adhesives Natural rubber Synthetic rubber Acrylic Customers are able to purchase six roll packs and 36 roll cartons of high quality packaging tapes made … Read more