Understanding Safety Glove Cut Resistance Ratings

Hand Injuries According to Safe Work Australia workplace hand injuries are amongst the most common occupational injuries that lead to worker compensation claims. Besides repetitive strain injuries the most common hand injuries documented in safety statistics include: Having hand caught, crushed, jammed or pinched in between other objects such as machinery Contact with power tools … Read more

Safety Glasses Protection For All Applications

Following on from our previous post that discusses three reasons why it is important to wear safety glasses, this week’s post provides an overview of the different pairs of safety glasses for sale through our online store. Selecting the correct pair of safety glasses for an application is imperative to protect employee’s delicate eyes from … Read more

Protect Your Hands with the Right Type of Safety Gloves

In most jobs we use our hands on a regular basis, therefore it is very important we protect them by wearing a correct pair of safety gloves. If a severe hand injury were to occur it may lead to long lasting negative impacts on an employee including (but not limited to): Loss of or limited … Read more

Why Wearing Safety Glasses is Important

Eyes are extremely delicate and can easily be damaged from minor injuries. To avoid serious injury or permanent vision loss it is essential to wear proper eye protection most commonly in the form of safety glasses when undertaking high risk work. This post briefly describes some common reasons why it is essential to wear safety … Read more